Slobodna domena Zadruga za otvoreni kod i dizajn

Free domain .. what kind of a name is that?

Fools' names

Name of our cooperative was inspired by values which brought us together. We advocate culture of sharing of knowledge, ideas and information. If our customers agree, we strive to publish our works in public domain under a licence that allows free usage and modification with attribution and share alike restrictions. In other words, we strive to exist in, colloquially said, "free domain".
For us the term "free" has a literate and figurative meaning. Our domain is free as a bird and at the same time open and publicly accessible.
In the world of coding, open source software is a strong and articulated movement. Freedom to share information has helped many people become better programmers and sharing information is nowadays a standard in many fields. It's especially nice to see how a relatively small movement has spread from programmer' garages to practically all industries. Besides open source software, today we have open design, agriculture, architecture, fashion and biotech.
We have learned a lot from the open source movement and that is why we support it. We understand that it's not always appropriate to practice open source policies, but we try to argument why it's important to spread the domain of freedom. We strongly believe that non-profit organisations and public institutions should assure that all their resources are published in the free domain.
There are many examples in the field of culture of sharing that make us optimistic, and some relevant cultural institutions are a part of that. For example, have you heard of Europeana, probably the richest online collection of old continent's cultural heritage? Projects like that are a good example of how much has the culture of sharing become mainstream's natural ally. We'd love to see more similar projects, based on principles of free access, happening within Croatian institutions. Meanwhile, as members of Europeana, we're following and supporting it's development path, especially in 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. That's an excellent opportunity to make a step forward towards better accessibility of our joint heritage, base of everything we see, hear and live today.